There are situations we find ourselves in, where one has to take control. But when all around you are losing their heads, do you keep yours?

Actor’s Workout staged 2 one act plays focusing on power, position, status and how wills can collide. They are brilliant examples of how the protagonist can enjoy a higher position in life and then lose it, via a warped logic, to a person of lower status. These clever plays created situations which were twisted and spun to the point of insanity, the tension builds to a giddy delight that will keep the audience on tenterhooks. A fight for higher status ensued throughout and both plays finished with an unexpected twist.


Chekov rules even in the metaworld - José


There was an energy in that show that I've only seldom felt - Nini


28th, 29th, 30th



theater … und so fort, Kurfürstenstr. 8,

80799 München