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The Actor’s Workout is all about acting and showing the actor how they can be comfortable when performing. There are many systems vaunted as being all that the actor requires when going on stage or in front of a camera and performing. We consider that the actor needs a vast set of tools to act. In our workshops and productions we will do our best to ensure that the actor has the right tools for the job at hand


The system we use will allow you to enjoy yourself, releasing the actor from their every day barriers or inhibitions, which effectively blocks them from finding their truth from any particular text they are working with. Through movement which will equip actors so they can be playful, spontaneous and creative. We will explore the creativity of the actor and assist in collaboration with other actors, both essential tools for any successful actor. We will seek to understand the characters and relationships within the drama that they are exposed to. Also, there will be intensive focus on ensemble acting, staging and storytelling and physicality.

Our comprehensive approach to voice training includes, work on breathing, resonance, speech, text and singing. It will increase command of your voice and give the actor more confidence in whatever situation they are in.

All the tools we give to the actor will give them an opportunity to build an open and direct relationship with the audience.

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