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The year is starting with a damp squib. Lets reflect on how we are where we are.

After years of the right wing propaganda merchants dripping bad tidings of the EU in the ears of the British people, the fool Cameron agrees to hold a referendum on membership to the EU. He did this to apparently save the party losing 30 or so MPs to UKIP. As it turns out it would have been better to lose them, especially as UKIP has destroyed itself.

This gave the right wing loonies the final part of their diabolical plan to exit the EU. They seduced the British people with wild claims of a brighter future on our own. More money for the NHS and a whole box of goodies. None were truth based and none proven.

Fast forward to now. The PM of the day, Boris Johnson has the unenviable record of being a serial liar and failure. Everything he touches turns to dust. He also happens to be in charge with one of the worst health tragedies to hit the British Isles for over 70 years. The last person you would want in charge of a whole country is a man heaped with failure and now responsible for thousands of deaths of the most vulnerable people in the country.

So starts this Blog.

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